To join AFMSU, simply download and print this pdf file, fill it in and sign the bottom line. 


Mail to AFMSU

P.O. Box 5046

Bozeman, MT 59717


Since we ask for confidential information and signatures, we cannot accept membership electronically via email or the web.

Am I eligible to join AFMSU?

Most non-tenure track (adjunct faculty) with half-time or greater appointments are eligible. If you are uncertain whether you are eligible, for example because you have a split appointment, please contact us at 


According to a ruling by The Board of Personnel Appeals, State of Montana, Unit Determination Proceedings, the following are excluded from the unit: Research Faculty, Professional Engineers/Engineers In Training, Extension Agents/Specialists, Agricultural Experiment Station Faculty, Post Doctoral Researchers, Graduate Students, Classified/Professional staff, Deparmental Heads/Chairs or other Administrators.